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Hello everyone

Wow it has been a long time since I have posted. I am not sure where to begin…well I guess I should start by giving thanks to all that sent me v-gifts and Christmas cards. I am very fortunate to know such wonderful people. Each of you just brightened my life so much.

My Christmas was good except for my son being diagnosed with pneumonia, so for about 5 days I played the mommy/nurse role and made sure my son took his meds and stayed warm. The day after Christmas we got the all clear from the doctor and I was so glad. If he wasn’t better he was going to be admitted to the hospital and I really didn’t want that. He was even good enough to go sledding and have some snow fun a couple of days later.

My New Year was good as well; it marked our very first Youth Watch Night at the church. I had about 20 kids (5-13years). It was so fun to watch them enjoy themselves in the disco room, game room, and movie room. My daughter got to be the DJ in the disco room and I have to admit she choose a really good play list for the evening. Even the parents had fun chatting and watching the kids have a good time.

I took down my Christmas decorations this past Wednesday it is always sad to take them down because I just love Christmas so much. I am taking the opportunity before I head back to classes next week to get some big projects done. I am currently using a polyurethane solution to revitalize my wooden floors. They really needed it and I must admit they are looking good. I have cleaned out my closets and will start cleaning out my kitchen cabinets next week. Yeah I am doing a bit of spring cleaning in the winter. I do it every year I think it is because Michigan winters are so long that I just have to do something otherwise I might get cabin fever or something.

As I mentioned I start classes next week, I am looking forward to it I miss going to college. I have a graduation date, May of 2014, so basically I am on the home stretch. I also start my unpaid/volunteered internship with one of the professors at the college this semester. I am assisting him in cataloging and photographing his extensive collection of religious artifacts, from the past 30 years of being an Anthropologist. I can’t wait to start; it is going to be fun.

Anyhoo my floors need a bit more attention and I want to do my winter walking post for each of you to enjoy. Hugs and more hugs to each of you.

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Date: 2013-01-05 02:45 am (UTC)
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Ahhh, so glad to hear from you!! Glad your son is doing better and it sounds like you are keeping fantastically busy! Good luck with the upcoming school year, sweetie!

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