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Title: The Woman that Time Forgot… Part 2
Author: Flydye8
Pairings: Eleven/ Martha
Rating: PG (For Now)
Summary: The Doctor visits Martha 20 years after she traveled with him and receives a surprise.
Authors Note: This is for[livejournal.com profile] sadhappiegurl who requested a Martha/Eleven Drabble. I wrote the first part of this story for her birthday and asked if she would like a snippet from the second part, instead of a drabble. So here you go sweetie I will have the rest posted soon I hope.

Martha sat in her kitchen seething. How could he come back to her after all this time, and during her husband’s funeral and wearing a different face……….She sat back in her chair contemplating her life since the Doctor had entered it , so many years ago. She was so young and so enamored with the Time Lord from Gallifrey….

He changed her……..and she hated him for it and loved him at the same time. She became a stronger woman, a wise woman, a woman that loved her husband so deeply. If she was honest with herself she still loved the Doctor just as deeply, no matter how much she wanted to deny it.

A knock on her door brought her out of her contemplations, sighing she went to opened it. She had a feeling that was the Doctor, and her suspicions were confirmed when she opened the door and came face to face with him.

“Hello Doctor Martha Jones,” He smiled as he held out a potted daisy he snagged from her neighbor’s garden, “Can we start again?”

Martha rolled her eyes, “No!” she stated as she slammed the door shut.
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Title: Massages are Better with Three
Author: Flydye8
Pairings: Donna/Doctor (ten)/Jack
Rating: R
Summary: Donna gets a much needed massage from the Doctor but it gets better when Jack enters the room.
Author's Note: This is for [livejournal.com profile] sykira who requested Ten and Donna for her drabble with a bit of Jack thrown in as well.
Author's Note 2:  Yeah this is a bit longer than a drabble but my muses demanded that it be written.

Donna sighed as the Doctor ran his oiled hands over her bare shoulders, “Yesss, just like that, you know spaceman your hands are magical.”

Reaching for the peony scented oil, he smiled, “Well Donna, I have been around for a long time, I think I would have perfected the art of massage throughout my years. Besides it is not that hard, all you need is the right….”

Donna interrupted, “Doctor, shut it. I don’t need a lesson right now.”

Chastised, he stopped and started to rub her lower back with his newly oiled hands, “Sorry Donna.”

“It is okay.” Donna whispered as she started to relax further.

About 20 minutes later the Doctor stood, “Be right back Donna I going to get the heated rocks from the loo.
He received a mumble from Donna, which caused him to chuckle as he left the room.

Not a moment later a flash of light illuminated the room, an American voice gave a quiet, satisfying cry, “Yes it worked.”

A muffled voice interrupted his triumph, “Doctor, only you would turn on the light during a sensual massage.”

Tiptoeing to the red headed woman on the bed, Jack did his best Doctor accent, “Um sorry, I was thinking.”

“That is your problem, you think too much, are the rocks ready?”

“Not quite.” Jack replied he started to massage Donna’s back.

“Wow Doctor your hands have gotten warmer.”

“Yes, Welll you know warm rocks and all.” Jack continued to mimic the Doctor, “I think I will check on them again.” He stated as he traced his finger through the oil, on Donna’s back, one last time.

Backing away slowly, Jack gave a smug smile, as he pressed his vortex manipulator and disappeared in another flash of light. The light faded just as the Doctor emerged from the loo with the warm rocks in a basket.

Donna huffed as the Doctor sat on the bed, “Those rocks better be good especially since you turned on the lights again.”

“Donna I never turned on any lights.” He stated while reaching for a rock to put on her spine, when he stopped suddenly and pulled out his sonic screwdriver. Shining it on Donna’s back he saw bold letters written in the oil, ‘Jack was here’

Quickly glancing around the room he found it empty. He placed the warm rocks on Donna’s back focusing on his companion once more, but not before making a mental note to adjust the TARDIS’s shields to block vortex manipulator activity and a promise to give a certain immortal a talking to.
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Title: Don’t Fork me!!
Author: Flydye8
Rating: R
Pairings: Donna/Doctor (Ten)
Summary: Sometimes chocolate cake can be delightful.
Author’s Note: This is a drabble for all my Doctor/Donna shippers on my friend list.

The Doctor followed his nose to the galley of the TARDIS, walking in Donna’s voice rang out, “I was wondering when you would get here handsome.”

Sitting down at the small table the Doctor picked up his fork and licked his lips, “It took a while for the chocolate cake smell to reach the control room. Next time use the TARDIS ventilation to move the smell to me more quickly.”

Placing two plates with huge slices of cake on them Donna took a bite, “I will remember that next time.”

Donna watched as the Doctor inhaled his piece of cake and poised his fork to snag a bite from her piece. Raising her fork up Donna held it like a dagger, “Touch my cake spaceman and I will fork you!”

Smiling seductively, the Doctor leaned closer to his lover, “Do you promise to fork me?”

Catching his innuendo, a small smile formed on Donna’s lips, as she closed the gap between them, barely touching his lips, “Oh Yes, I promise to fork you as often as you like.”

Bringing his lips to hers he was about to kiss them when Donna pulled back quickly, “But, you will get no forking unless you let me finish my piece of cake.”
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Title: Death is always lonely
Author: Flydye8
Rating: PG
Pairings: Eleven/Jack
Disclaimer: I don’t own DW and that is okay but I will still play with them
Summary: Jack intercepts a communication from the Teselecta and it is bad news
Authors Note: This is for [livejournal.com profile] a_phoenixdragon who requested a Jack and Eleven drabble.

Captain Jack Harkness stood at the edge of the Grand Canyon, waiting for the sun to start setting. Crinkling the piece of paper, he held in his hand, he took a deep breath fighting back the tears that threatened to spill down his cheeks. He couldn’t believe the Doctor was dead.

He continued to watch in silence, as the setting sun, caused the rock face of the cliffs to shine like fire. Closing his eyes he spoke quietly, “Rest in peace my dear friend and may I join you soon.”

A soft voice spoke behind him, “I don’t know about you, but I think death is very lonely.”

Turning around, Jack gave a lopsided grin, “Well I guess your death is going to become a lot less lonely.”

“I was hoping you would say that, Jack. So tell me out of all time and space, where would you like to go.” The Doctor stated jovially.

Walking toward the TARDIS, Jack called back over his shoulder, “I would like to go to the galley and have a cup of coffee, while listening to latest adventure, which resulted in your death.”

The Doctor snapped his fingers and the TARDIS doors opened to let the immortal in, “It is a long story my friend many bad days took place.”

“Well it is a good thing we have a lot of time, Doc.” Jack stated as he patted the Doctor on his shoulder.
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