Jan. 7th, 2012

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Title: To Make a Memory Vivid
Author: Flydye8
Pairings: Wilf/TARDIS
Ratings: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own them but I wish I could
Summary: Wilf is remembering a special day while visiting Donna and the TARDIS hears his wish
Author"s Note: This is for [livejournal.com profile] mental_murmurs that requested a Wilf and TARDIS drabble. I hope you enjoy it.
Author's Note 2:  I think I have redefined the definition of a drabble in my mind.  This maybe should be considered a ficlet instead.

Wilf looked around his room, on the TARDIS , it was a comfortable room and perfect for his needs. It was just the right temperature and the bed was low enough for him to get into without difficulty.

Moving to the dresser, he smiled as he noticed a picture of his wife and he on their wedding day probably placed there by Donna.
Taking the picture he sat on his bed and traced the image of his wife and whispered, “Oh how I wish I could remember this day more vividly.”

Deep within the recesses of the TARDIS a golden light flickered and grew, the rotor of the ancient ship started to move up and down propelling herself into the time matrix.

The Doctor bolted out of his bed as he felt the TARDIS move and ran to the control room. Checking the time coordinates a confused expression distorted his face, “What! What?” Running to the exit he opened the doors and was confronted by a quaint English church.

Wilf was still sitting on his bed when a soft knock sounded on his door. Placing his wedding picture on the bed, he opened the door. The Doctor, shifting impatiently back and forth on his feet, a huge grin on his face, spoke with jubilation, “OH you have got to see this!!”

Following the Doctor out of the TARDIS, Wilf immediately knew where he was, “I don’t understand? How did you know, Doctor?”

“I didn’t, but I have a good idea of who did.” The Doctor replied taking a quick glace over his shoulder at his TARDIS, “Go on in, but be careful the timelines need to remain intact.”

Wilf took a seat on one of the back pews of the chapel and watched as a younger version of himself say ‘I Do’ to the love of his life. He took a moment, to commit to memory every detail around. By the end of the ceremony his heart soared with love and joy, standing with the other attendees he cheered, as the couple was presented to the public, for the first time, as man and wife.

Following the line of people out of the church, he finally became face to face with his wife, kissing her cheek he whispered, “Take good care of him because he needs you.”

Smiling at him, his wife replied, “I plan on taking care of him forever.” Giving a slight nod, Wilf walked back to the TARDIS.

Entering the ancient ship, he walked into his comfortable room, which was perfect for him; lying on the bed he brought the picture to his chest and fell asleep smiling, for the first time in many years he dreamed of his wedding day, with perfect clarity.
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