Sep. 29th, 2012

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We are just a couple of hours from the departure of the Ponds and BBCA decides that they are going to have the "best of the Ponds" marathon leading up to the sad event. I really need to study for my exam in Physical Anthopology * shakes fist at BBCA*  why do you have to be such a distraction.

I have my own theory about their departure but if it doesn't happen in the way, Well I will be writing a couple chapter story very soon with my own head cannon as the plotline. I have tissues ready and I won't be wearing any mascara today in preperation for tonight.   But right now I am debating about studying with the TV on or if I should just unplug the damn thing till 2100(9 PM) tonight. 

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I don't think I am going to go back onto LJ till after tonights episode I am already seeing the crying posts and I am so not ready for the emotion.  It is time to bow out till around 2300 tonight maybe I won't be a blubbering mess then.  See you guys soon!!!


*runs to hide from the onslaught of emotions*

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Title: The Final Chapter

Author: Heintz57

Pairings: Doctor/The Pond's

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I don’t own DW and I never will but I just love the show

Summary: An another chapter appears in Melody Malones’s book

A/N: OMG tonight’s episode tugged at my heart strings so much but it also made me think, “There is more.” So I typed out this little story and in my mind cannon there are a lot more adventures for the Ponds. This is unbeta’ed so all the mistakes are mine. I hope this makes those on my flist and beyond feel better. Hugs to everyone!

A/N2: In this story I am referring to the time when Amy/Rory/Doctor saw Amy /Rory off in the distance during “The Hungry Earth” episode. Check it out and you will understand why this story came to my mind.


The story here )
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