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I know I missed last Sunday's SSS (Sexy Smith Sunday) but that sometimes happens when ten million things have to be done.  Of course this weekend I camped and it was wonderful and I so enjoyed getting out of town for a bit.  I did have to go through some training while I was camping,( but that is for a different post),but I relaxed as well.  Anyhoo time to get onto the good stuff, some of MS in all his western sexiness that we had the pleasure of viewing (in my opinion) this past weekend. 

tatoo ATCM
I do think this tatoo should become a part of the Doctor's image I just love how it looks on him.

town-mercy-clip-3-panelI Laughed so hard when he asked of a strong tea with the bag left in. I just love the smirk it is almost like he is saying come and get me ladies;

This is just beautiful the eyes seem to sparkle with some sort of storm (yeah I am being so clique')

doctor-who-series-7-autumn-trailer-19 We have seen alot of the oncoming storm from the Doctor this season.  It must be soooo wrong to find this soooo HOT!!!

I just love this shot.  My Doctor leaning against a nice sturdy piece of timber.  Oh the things I like to do to him against that wood.  (such naughty thoughts *blushes and drools*)

And here is the delectible MS.  I really love the hat sexy man.  You should wear the hat more often (and nothing else)!!!

Well there you have it another SSS and now I have to goto bed again being a bit horny.  Oh well I guess that is just life.  Ciao till next week.

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