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Title: A Little Bit of Spice
Author: Heintz57
Pairings: Canton/River/Capt Jack Harkness
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don’t own DW and I never will.
Summary: This is for e[ profile] ericadawn16thanks for the suggestion. River Song has a special surprise for Canton.

River lay next to the pool, at a little known resort on a 54 century planet, looking for two men the first was walking toward her his Bermuda shorts sticking out among the small crowd of people the other had not arrived yet.

Taking her sunglasses off she smiled sweetly, “Canton, how are you enjoying your little trip?”

“I would enjoy it more Doctor Song if you would kindly leave me alone with my lover.” Canton looked down at her as he stood near her chaise lounge, “so what is so important that I had to get dressed and come out here.”

“Ahh Canton I wouldn’t have interrupted you unless it was important. There is someone I would like you to meet.”

A flash of light behind her caused her to rise from her lounge, turning around she greeted, “Captain Jack how nice of you to come.”

“Cut the crap Song, just because you are the Doctor’s wife doesn’t mean you can call me….”

River interrupted and led him to Canton, “I think you have been working too hard, Jack, and you need a bit of relaxation. This is Canton Everett Delaware III he has been working too hard as well.”

Canton leaned toward River’s ear and asked, “What is the meaning of this?” as Jack smiled in amusement.

“You are from the 1960s Canton, I am sure you familiar with the term Ménage à trois.”

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