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I know this is late in getting out but it is still Sunday my time.  There was so much Sexy Smithness in this one I had a real hard time choosing pictures to share.  I just loved this episode and I enjoyed it immensely I think I will be re-watching this one many times.  So here we go sit back and enjoy.

dw 7x04_0551 (800x664)I Just love his "I thinking face"  and this one just tickled me pink.

dw 7x04_0617 (800x544)Oh my seeing him lay on the couch this way made me want to do the same thing.  But what really caught my fancy was when he lifted up just part of the way to talk to the Ponds.  The abs on MS must be amazing to do such an activity.

dw 7x04_0679 (674x698)I love a good arse shot and if anyone is really talented in icon making I would love an icon with the saying "Heintzy likes very much" 

dw 7x04_1214 (691x708)dw 7x04_1317 (655x686)dw 7x04_1738 (555x715)dw 7x04_1937 (657x720) So many emotions were shown by MS during this episode and I felt my heart just flutter.

dw 7x04_1513 When I watched him play the Wii I was reminded how childlike the Doctor can be.  I love this pic because my three favorites things are in it; The TARDIS, MS as the Doctor, and the outlandish socks.  I wonder where I can find a pair for me.

dw 7x04_1712 (506x638)This just is so Doctorish the smirk, the psychic paper, the coat I just love it.

dw 7x04_2090 (800x666) I am usually not jealous of KG who plays Amy Pond but I found the green eyed monster come forth when I saw this image.  I would love to have MS look at me that way (one can only dream)

dw 7x04_2254 (800x523)The little tongue sticking out *thud* I rewinded this scene many times.

dw 7x04_3072 (553x664)dw 7x04_3113 (420x480)

dw 7x04_3116 (476x480)dw 7x04_3092

We did see a little bit of the "dark Doctor" in this episode but not as much as last episode.  I will be watching this scene many times as well but probably in my bedroom.
So there you go another Sunday has gone but many more Sundays are in the future, I do hope you enjoyed.

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Date: 2012-09-24 08:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I love Matt's Dark Doctor. In A Town Called Mercy he was so good at the shouty/angry stuff that I found myself sitting in a puddle!

I love that the socks are just like Four's scarf. I want a pair too!

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Date: 2012-09-28 02:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I so want a pair of socks like that as well. I think I would wear them all the time. They do seem warm a cozy.
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