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Today my son and I decided to go for a walk in the park.  We picked up pretty leaves (for him to share in school) and enjoyed the crisp fall air.  After our walk my son wanted to jump around on the play set so while he played I took out my phone and started to peruse my Matt Smith pictures for today's post.  To my surprise I noticed that I never did a Dinosaurs On a Spaceship post.  Well tonight I am going to remedy that, because that episode had some great sexy MS moments and this post will be really heavy on the pictures.  I don't think you will mind though. 

dw 7x02_0435 Ahh the joyful Doctor I just love seeing these images on the TV and MS seems to have lots of Joy moments as the Doctor.  Somethings seem to crossover from real life to fictional life and I think MS joy is one of those things.

dw 7x02_0060dw 7x02_0057
I think MS is channeling some of the Ninth Doctor in these shots.  The arms being crossed the look of seriousness on his face (well maybe not the second one to much) the stance Oh my MS how you just make this fangirl swoon with adoration. 

dw 7x02_0030dw 7x02_0023

dw 7x02_0014dw 7x02_0008
Okay if any of you have been following my SSS you know exactly what came to my mind during these shots.  If this is your first time well let your mind fall deep into the gutter and you will find me.  I so need to make a Gif of these pics
*places task on my to do list.....Stares longingly at pictures*

dw 7x02_1008 I love this picture because OMG I just want to run my hands through that crazy hair of MS.  I bet it will be soft and thick.  Damn I knew this post was going to cause such naughty thoughts.  *breaths....breaths....breaths*  Okay onto the next picture before I lose my focus again.

dw 7x02_2235dw 7x02_2233
I think these are just perfect, I think MS was trying to convey how the Doctor tries to keep the "oncoming storm" at bay we confronted with a devestating act.  I have tried to write this reaction many times in my stories and it is nice to be able to have a picture to write a description from. 

dw 7x02_1930dw 7x02_1911
Here we have the "dark doctor" again I think the eyes say it all.  There is such an intensity in them that makes me wonder where MS gets his inspiration from.  It must be good because I just love the look and MS conveys it beautifully on screen.

dw 7x02_2753dw 7x02_2752
Got to love the pissed off strut of MS this is another scene that needs to be made into a Gif.  Since Season 5 I have seen this strut many times and each time it just makes me HOT.  Of course in this episode we saw it twice I think, I like the second one, that is next, best.

dw 7x02_2373dw 7x02_2374
MS look, as he strutted his stuff, in this scene, can be best descirbed in the words of one of my friends. "It causes my knickers to get wet."  I have to agree with her statement.  This one of those times, when I wish I could rewind and replay the scene, over and over again without touching any of the buttons on my remote. 

dw 7x02_3681

But this image really caused my body to react in very passionate ways......*stares at image longingly*...It is just so....I don't have the words to describe it.

Oh my, I think I am going to end this post before going to bed, to sleep, becomes impossible.  These are just a few pictures that showcased MS sexuality on the set of DW.  There are many more, I might have to do a second edition, for this episode so I can share them all with you.  This episode was wonderful, and one of those that I enjoyed,it is not my favorite but it is a close second.  Whenever I want to bask in Matt Smith sexiness this will be the episode I watch. 
Well there you have it folks from huge fangirl of MS onto your computers.  Till next sunday ciao.

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Date: 2012-10-08 08:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
What a bloody fabtastic post of epic win!

Moments like that with your children are wonderful and you never, ever forget them and neither do they, so pleased you both did that together :D

I happen to agree with most of your sentiments about the caps, obviously not the lust stuff but if becoming a Companion meant doing sexy things with The Doctor I'm not sure I wouldn't force myself but the rest, yepperz.

I've gakked some of these caps and am gonna be iconising them :D So thanks!

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Date: 2012-10-09 12:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah my son and I had a wonderful time at the park and I am thankful everyday that I do things with him. Now if I can figuire out how to reconnect with my daughter I would be one happy mom.

Well I didn't expect you to agree with my lusting comments I think I am one of the few that lust after him so. I am glad you could iconize some of the pics I am about to do the same thing.
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