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It is Monday morning my time so I thought I would go ahead and post some pics to share. If you have a chance take a look at the others who are sharing as well.
So, [info]irrealia ,[info]ahedonia ,[info]who_in_whoville , and [info]zazie11 and I are swapping pictures of the areas that we live. Of course it is not limited to just where we live but also the surrounding areas that we reside in. So we are swapping pictures every Monday so take a look it is very cool to see.  

This week the TARDIS has landed in two different locations;

The First is the beautiful location of Grayling, MI at the ancient Hartwick Pines Forest.

The second Location is the Lavender Farm located in Lenard, MI.

So take a moment and travel to a different location than your own and see the beauty that surrounds my home.


Many pics so enter and see where the TARDIS has landed )
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