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I have poured over about half of chapter in my critical thinking book, in the last two hours and I still don't get it, even when I reread. It is almost as if there is no possibilty to give an argument without having some sort of flaw in the conclusion. Maybe, my mind is not geared to think so logically. In the different examples (within the textbook) I think that the narrator has given a good premise with a good conclusion but as I turn the page I find that I was wrong. There is flaws in the relationship stated between the premise and the conclusion that I didn't even consider. I really am feeling a bit frustrated with the whole process and I have only been in the class one day (tomorrow is my second day). There must be an better book that can help me understand the process of creating a fool proof argument that has a conclusion that is validated. Does anyone have a suggestion, because I think if I don't get a good grasp on the information early on, I will be lost and unsucessful in the next 13 weeks of class. So if you have any ideas or books that might be benficial for me let me know. 
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Hello everyone

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As many of you know a few weeks back I had to prepare a lecture for my HIstory of Anthropology Theory class.  With all your advice and help it turn out wonderfully and I maintained my reputation of being a good student that my previous professors have contrived for me. 

Today we received our take home essay midterm  for my Anthro History class and one of questions that we have to choose from is my lecture. Here is what it says.

                Based on the lecture given in class what is the representation of the others in the Renaissance?

I just can't believe it, I am flabbergasted. 

Now I have to decide if I should choose that question to answer on the midterm or if I should skip it and answer the other ones.  We have to answer 4 out of the 5 questions provided for us on the midterm.  Any suggestions, IDK it seems kind of unfair especailly since I had to do so much research on the subject.  It is almost like I have an edge on the other students regarding that question. 

I think I am off to bed now I will start my midterm tomorrow it is due next monday so I think I can get some good sleep, well at least for tonight.

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