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I have finally caught up with my DA account and found some wonderful goodies to share with each of you.  I am always amazed at the amount of talented artist that are out there,and I am fortunate enough to be see their work.  Each of the artist are credited next to their pictures.

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Well hello again folks, this Sunday I created some icons for all of us to enjoy.  Now this is my first time creating icons so please be kind, but any constructive critism will be fine and any suggestions would be great.  Many of these are of the delicious, sexy, Matt Smith, but you will also find others as well.  I am going to try my best to group them up.  So let the icon snagging begin.  

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Today my son and I decided to go for a walk in the park.  We picked up pretty leaves (for him to share in school) and enjoyed the crisp fall air.  After our walk my son wanted to jump around on the play set so while he played I took out my phone and started to peruse my Matt Smith pictures for today's post.  To my surprise I noticed that I never did a Dinosaurs On a Spaceship post.  Well tonight I am going to remedy that, because that episode had some great sexy MS moments and this post will be really heavy on the pictures.  I don't think you will mind though. 
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Title: The Final Chapter

Author: Heintz57

Pairings: Doctor/The Pond's

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I don’t own DW and I never will but I just love the show

Summary: An another chapter appears in Melody Malones’s book

A/N: OMG tonight’s episode tugged at my heart strings so much but it also made me think, “There is more.” So I typed out this little story and in my mind cannon there are a lot more adventures for the Ponds. This is unbeta’ed so all the mistakes are mine. I hope this makes those on my flist and beyond feel better. Hugs to everyone!

A/N2: In this story I am referring to the time when Amy/Rory/Doctor saw Amy /Rory off in the distance during “The Hungry Earth” episode. Check it out and you will understand why this story came to my mind.


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I don't think I am going to go back onto LJ till after tonights episode I am already seeing the crying posts and I am so not ready for the emotion.  It is time to bow out till around 2300 tonight maybe I won't be a blubbering mess then.  See you guys soon!!!


*runs to hide from the onslaught of emotions*

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We are just a couple of hours from the departure of the Ponds and BBCA decides that they are going to have the "best of the Ponds" marathon leading up to the sad event. I really need to study for my exam in Physical Anthopology * shakes fist at BBCA*  why do you have to be such a distraction.

I have my own theory about their departure but if it doesn't happen in the way, Well I will be writing a couple chapter story very soon with my own head cannon as the plotline. I have tissues ready and I won't be wearing any mascara today in preperation for tonight.   But right now I am debating about studying with the TV on or if I should just unplug the damn thing till 2100(9 PM) tonight. 

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I got this delicious trailer for "Angels Take Manhattan" I am really intrigued to see what is going to happen.  I know it will be sad (for me)to see the Ponds go (I really don't want them to go);  but that is just how DW is and I think the next companion is going to be impressive. Of course there are a bit of spoilers so watch at your own digression. 

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I know I missed last Sunday's SSS (Sexy Smith Sunday) but that sometimes happens when ten million things have to be done.  Of course this weekend I camped and it was wonderful and I so enjoyed getting out of town for a bit.  I did have to go through some training while I was camping,( but that is for a different post),but I relaxed as well.  Anyhoo time to get onto the good stuff, some of MS in all his western sexiness that we had the pleasure of viewing (in my opinion) this past weekend. 

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I have found some goodies that give us another glimps into this Saturday's episode no spoilers folks just an miniclip released by BBC.

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Welcome again ladies and gentlemen to the next edition of "Sexy Smith Sundays"  todays pictures focus on the amazing episode Asylum of the Daleks OMG it was a fantastic one and I so loved watching it.  But I will post more about that later, after a have a chance to watch it a few more times, there was just to much to take in with only a couple of watches.  Anyhoo, let us get on to the fantastic MS and drool over some pictures of him not only in the episode but also at the premieres as well.

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Oh My I am sooooooo excited about DW starting back up tomorrow my heart is just pounding with anticipation. I have my DVR ready to go so I can rewatch it time and time again. The TV in my bedroom is warmed up now all I have to do is buy a bottle of wine so I can toast its return. But until then my friends her are the last two Pond life minis for the week. The last one has me questioning WTH hopefully I will find out more later. So many questions????? Anyhoo sit back enjoy your tea/coffee/soda or whatever and relax. The two last  are under the cut.

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I just love a good Ood.  This one is just so cute it makes my teeth ache.  clicky below for cuteness.

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You know I really don't know why I torcher myself like this.  OMG the Ponds are fantastic and of course there are rules in the bedroom.  Hmmm I wonder....Sorry spoilers if you want to see clicky below

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OMG I am just flailing about with excitment of the upcoming season of DW.  I am so want to know what happens next and time cannot move fast enough.  [ profile] tasty_kate posted this trailer and it has made my heart just beat a bit faster.  Sit back and let the excitment begin

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So after I am up late last night flailing over the promo pic and MS yumminess I wake up this morning and find this on the [ profile] doctoreleven Community page thanks to [ profile] ragdoll.  And all I have to say is OMGOMGOMG Squeallllll, *jumps for joy*  Please let the new season begin soon.  *takes a deep cleansing breath*  now I need to get ready for class.  *flails in excitment*  okay now I am ready to start my day.

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I have been waiting patiently for Netflixs to put Doctor Who season 6 onto streaming and finally they did it. My daughter and I whooped with joy when we found out. Maybe it won't be as hard to wait for fall and the new season to start now. I can watch the last season any time I like now and hopefully it will sate my need for Matt Smith and Doctor Who.

So to celebrate such a momentous occasion I think a bit of cartoon humor is in order and maybe a few pics of the delicious Matt Smith.

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