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Well my lovely flist I have just stopped by briefly to say hello and that I have missed you guys tons.  But RL still has me running like there is no tomorrow.  I will be thrilled when the next three weeks are up and I will finally have a chance to breath.  Unfortunatly this weekend is still crazy *looks longingly at the [ profile] bad_wolf_rising community posts* so I probably won't be on much.  But I didn't want to disappear without giving you mom's and mom's to be, my little gift for you.  Happy (early) Mother's Day. 

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Happy Birthday [ profile] emraldeyedauter  I think it is so cool that your birthday is on Halloween and in honor of your special day here is a couple of vids that I think you would enjoy.  Of course the first is a bunch of silliness but the second I choose because I know how much you love Rose/9th Doctor.  I hope your day is FANTASTIC.  HUGS

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My friend
[info]citadel_sane   was kind enough to do a requested favid for me focusing specfically on the

the TARDIS.  I always believed she is the one companion of the Doctor's that we tend to forget at times. 

so here is the link to the fanvid I requested.  It is done beautifully and shows the TARDIS off perfectly.

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