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Hello everyone

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For any of you parents out there.  Here is a great website that tracks Santa's journey on this night.

It might help to get the kiddos in bed on time.

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As many of you know a few weeks back I had to prepare a lecture for my HIstory of Anthropology Theory class.  With all your advice and help it turn out wonderfully and I maintained my reputation of being a good student that my previous professors have contrived for me. 

Today we received our take home essay midterm  for my Anthro History class and one of questions that we have to choose from is my lecture. Here is what it says.

                Based on the lecture given in class what is the representation of the others in the Renaissance?

I just can't believe it, I am flabbergasted. 

Now I have to decide if I should choose that question to answer on the midterm or if I should skip it and answer the other ones.  We have to answer 4 out of the 5 questions provided for us on the midterm.  Any suggestions, IDK it seems kind of unfair especailly since I had to do so much research on the subject.  It is almost like I have an edge on the other students regarding that question. 

I think I am off to bed now I will start my midterm tomorrow it is due next monday so I think I can get some good sleep, well at least for tonight.

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Well as most of you know I have been studying hard this weekend for my midterm this thursday and working diligently on my paper that is due on on the 17th.  I have gotten alot of studying done, but tonight my hubby came to my computer, closed the laptop lid and told me, "Come on you need a good laugh and I miss my wife." 

So he dragged me into the living room and put on some Drew Carey's Improva-ganza and placed a glass of red wine in my fingers. Besides the DW finale (which I will write about more later) it was a great break from the stress of college.  I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants (I know it is vulgar but so true).  Anyway there was one clip that had me rolling on the floor and I want to share it with you tonight. 

My husband often drives me nuts and there are some days that I think WTF, but it is moments like tonight that remind me that my husband is an amazing husband and that I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful man in my life.  He always seems to know just what I need at any time in my life, but especially when I am stressing out about something.

So for all of you that are stressing, studying, or whatever sit back and enjoy some funniness.   

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As most of you know I served in the Navy and even after all these years stories like this make my heart just contract with sadness.

War sucks and eventhough I served, the peacemaker inside of me wants all wars to end. I know it is a distant wish and probably unachievable but one can hope.

It is not often I read the news on but this story just caught my eye and made me cry. To the family of the fallen Navy SEAL my heart morns with you and to the the man who lost his life, I thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and if you have time just take a moment and remember the hero and his faithful dog.

Here is the picture that accompanied the story and the link to the complete story below
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This week I have been terribly busy with VBS (vacation Bible School) at my church and I have to say I think teaching is probably the hardest job on the face of this earth.  We have 37 youngins that have been attending, the most my church has had in years and I am exhausted.  I only have them for a half of day and I have tons of helpers (I mostly do the administrative stuff) and I cannot believe how tiring it can be. When I come home I just have too take a nap. 

For those on my flist and beyond who are teachers, my hat is off to you.  How you do it all day for three quarters of the year I will never know.  I have a new appreciation for those who teach my kids and so many others. 

From the bottom of my heart I THANK YOU, and I want to tell you WELL DONE!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING PEOPLE.

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So ,[info]irrealia ,[info]ahedonia ,[info]who_in_whoville , and [info]zazie11  and I are swapping pictures of the areas that we live. Of course it is not limited to just where we live but also the surrounding areas that we reside in. So we are swapping pictures every Monday and it is very cool to see.  

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Hey there I am back of course the wedding was wonderful and the bride and groom looked very happy to finally be able to tie the knot. I will be posting pics a bit later of my beautiful daughter and the happy new couple.   My feet ache from all the dancing and I found a great hair care product that is called tease in a bottle by big sexy hair, I so need to buy some right away.  I was able to have a teased look without all the back combing that takes place.  

My nerves are pretty much shot from traveling today.  Our plane was delayed for quite some time and trying to keep a 4 year old busy and hear my 11 year old complain she is bored just rubbed my already raw nerves wrong, but I made it, and now I am at home and after a couple glasses wine I think my nerves are starting to settle just a bit.

I am glad things are finally going to settle down in my life, Jackelyn is done with science olympia and dance so afterschool activities have finally come to an end.  Now we only have a couple more weeks of school and then the summer officially begins.  Time to let the kids go play till the sun sets, have fires in our back yard pit, camping, boating,  I really enjoy the summer and I am glad it is almost here.

Anyhoo, I breifly looked over all the postings since Wednesday and I must say you guys have been very busy. Can you please put links down below in the comments section to your wonderful stories so I can read them during the week. Of course if there is any other delectible yumminess that you think I would like please link that as well.

I am glad to be back at least for a bit before I go boating for memorial day and camping June 15th, Yeah summer.

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Okay I am sure each person has thier personel indulgences and tonight I am watching one of mine.  I am just sitting back and enjoying the New Now Next awards on LOGO Tv.  I am enjoying drag queens, cool music by "Panic at the Disco"  a bit of Lady gaga (She is alright) people going nuts over pop culture stars who could ask for anything more...Oh yeah I can't forget the wonderful Rupaul.  Anyway here is a little snippet of what I am enjoying

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A friend of mine sent me this picture which I think truly represents the feelings most people have about the increase in gas (Petrol for my British Friends) prices that most people are experiencing.

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I was watching an episode of Doctor Who on BBC america getting my daily fix at 1000 every morning. 

When this commercial came on and I just started to giggle by the end of the 60 second spot I was laughing so hard that my daughter had to come and investigate.

I am just in a silly frame of mind I guess.
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