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Title: The Sensuality of Candy Floss
Author: Heintz57
Pairing: Rose/Ninth Doctor
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don’t own DW I wish I did but I don’t *Sigh* oh well
Summary: This is for [ profile] bloose09 thanks for the suggestion my friend. Rose could never have guessed that a sweet treat would change her and the Doctor’s relationship forever.

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Title: The Choice
Author: Flydye8
Pairings: Rose/Nine
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don’t own DW but someday I will.
Summary: Ten is given a choice that changes Rose’s and Nine’s lives forever.
Author’s Note: The brilliant [ profile] raine_seraphim created a beautiful Gif of Rose and Nine which fed my muse.
Author’s Note 2: Not beta’ed so all mistakes are my own.

Part one is here


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Title: Dreams Come True

Authors: [ profile] 10docandr and [ profile] flydye8

beta: [ profile] czarina_kitty

rating/warnings: NC17 adult, bdsm, three way with femslash

paring: Ten2/Rose/Amy (The relationship is between Ten2 and Rose, Amy is just there for sexy fun)

Summary: Ten2 and Rose have been having a bit of fun play time and decide to bring a third party into the fantasy. This takes place in the Rose's universe.

Authors note:   It has been a while since I have updated this story.  I have been so busy with starting school and my kiddos starting school I just haven't had the time till now.  I enjoyed writing this with [ profile] 10docandr and I am looking forward to doing more with here if our muses get inspired.  The first part is here

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Author:  Flydye8
Rating:  G
Pairings: The Doctor/and his Ladies
Words: 631
Disclaimer: I don’t own DW no matter how much I would want to.
Summary:  A Timelord can move throughout space and time but there is one place he will never visit and that is the time when life ceases to exist or… can he?
Authors Note:  My muses have returned but they are in a weird mood. 

Authors Note 2: I reposted this because I left out a very important part and LJ would not allow me to update my entry.


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Title:  The Journal
Author:  Jer832 and flydye8
Rating:  PG (one curse word)
Pairing: Rose/Doctor 9th
Word Count: 1,144
Disclaimer:  We don’t own them but we love to play with them for a bit
Summary:  Rose is injured on a planet and as she is recovering she finds out that the TARDIS has a lot to say.

Author’s Note:  This story is the chronological beginning of a series of loosely-connected events that include [ profile] jer832 's “The List” found here

Author’s note 2:  It was a pleasure to write this with [ profile] jer832 . Thank you, Jer for the opportunity to collaborate with you on this brand new pairing for me.  Chris[ profile] flydye8 

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