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Title: Under the Orange Moonlight
Author: flydye8
Rating: R
Words: 1,444
Pairing: Donna/Doctor 10th
Disclaimer: I don’t own them I never will no matter how much I want to.
Summary: The Doctor and Donna clean up after participating in ceremony on the planet they were visiting.
Author’s note: Happy Birthday Denise aka BMG I hope your day was great. Many hugs to you now sit back and enjoy with a cup of Chi tea

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Title: With the Scent of Nature

Author: Flydye8

Pairing: Doctor/ Donna

Rating: R

Disclaimer: I don’t own them I never will but I will enjoy them

Warnings: The story mentions Cannabis Plant (Marijuana) and the effects of being high.

Summary: The Doctor brings Donna to a planet for some rest and it doesn’t turn out the way he wanted it to because of an indigenous plant.


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Title: The Wiggling Doctor

Author: Flydye8

Pairing: Doctor10 /Donna

Rating: R

Disclaimer: I don’t own them but oh how I wish I did, I just play with them and then return them to their owners

Summary: Donna takes note at how much the Doctor wiggles when he his lying on his back.

Author’s Note: This story just popped in my head as I shamelessly stared at Bas_Math_Girl mood GIF on her earlier posting…….Oh sorry I was staring at the GIF again it looks so nice on my desktop anyway enjoy. 



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Title: Gremlins and Jewelry

Author: Flydye8

Pairings: Doctor 10/Donna

Prompt word: Alcove

Rating: R

Disclaimer: I don’t own them I just play with them and send them back to BBC. I also don’t claim the Gremlins I just borrow them as well.

Summary: Donna finds some of her broken jewelry is missing and she wants to know why.

Author’s Note: This is in response for Time Traveller’s Prompt #33 for Prompt alcove. Enjoy.


Okay, Gremlins, where the hell are you )


One Choice

Jan. 22nd, 2011 10:10 am
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Title: One Choice

Author: Flydye8

Disclaimer: I don’t own them just play with them

Words: 105 words okay a little over

Rating: G

Author: This is response the meme drabble challenge written for thenoblethang who requested the pairing of the Doctor/pear. I hope you like. The Doctor has a weird moment.


Donna heard the darkness in the Doctor’s voice as she got closer.

“I give you one choice you leave this ship otherwise what happens next is your own doing,” The Doctor waited a moment before continuing, “Silence then, okay my yellow fiend meet the sharpness of my blade.”

Donna heard the sounds of slashing knife as she turned the corner.

When the Doctor saw her, he complained, “Donna why must you have pears in your yogurt they are so hard to cut, why can’t you just eat bananas like me.”

Rubbing her tummy she smiled, “This baby wants pears so that is what she gets.”

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