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Date: 2012-09-30 12:41 pm (UTC)

Well River was in NYC as a small girl if you remember, she regenerated as a child there and we saw that, also it was clearly in the NYC past that event... I reckon she was so okay with it because Amy and Rory had raised her there :) Not only found and raised her back in NYC time but also before that, they had also already grown up with her at their days of school... Spacey wacey timey wimey for the win. How many parents get 2 chances to be with their kids during their own and the kids childhood? \0/ So River knew what would become of them and so it was really not something she considered bad for them at all... In fact there are way worse ways to leave The Doctor and they're usually horrible or horrific, so perhaps she was pleased her Mum and Dad were gonna live long and happy lives together and that's why she was all for it.

River had been given a pardon from prison cos no one knew why she was there, cos The Doctor erased himself from history... So perhaps she joined the Time Agency as seen on TW and thus had been assigned the vortex manipulator? Or even just bought one off that bald huge headed blue dude who sells such things? he did send it one back on that ep saying he didn't mean the wrist of the Time Agent as well...

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