Jan. 4th, 2012

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Title: Hello Immortal
Author: Flydye8
Rating: R
Pairing: River/Jack
Summary: This takes place after “The Wedding of River Song” and assumes that the eleventh Doctor has come back into contact with Jack. Of course being River she just has to make an impression.
Authors Note: This is for [livejournal.com profile] fannishliss that requested a Jack/River drabble.

Jack stumbled into his en suite after a another rough day, wanting nothing more than a good soak in his luxurious jacuzzi tub he stopped suddenly, “What the hell?”

“Hello immortal.” River purred as she reached for her glass of wine, “We were wondering if you would be joining us.”

Jack continued to undress, once naked he stepped into the hot bath. Settling next to River he nuzzled her neck, “I would have come in earlier if you and the Doctor called in advance.”

Chuckling River caressed his bare chest, “You know how this Doctor is he wants life to be spontaneous and exhilarating.”

“Yes I do, so when is he going to join us.” He asked as he kissed her shoulder.

River was about to answer when the Doctor burst through the door, “I am back, shall we start, I will wash Jack’s back first.”

Jack looked over his shoulder and smiled, “My sponge is right over there.”
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