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Today my son and I decided to go for a walk in the park.  We picked up pretty leaves (for him to share in school) and enjoyed the crisp fall air.  After our walk my son wanted to jump around on the play set so while he played I took out my phone and started to peruse my Matt Smith pictures for today's post.  To my surprise I noticed that I never did a Dinosaurs On a Spaceship post.  Well tonight I am going to remedy that, because that episode had some great sexy MS moments and this post will be really heavy on the pictures.  I don't think you will mind though. 
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The feelings that are coursing through my body from last nights DW episode are still at the forefront of my mind.  Usually an episode doesn't effect me in such way.  I think the last time I had this feeling was back when we saw the departure of Donna Noble. 

I really enjoyed this episode and found MS acting amazing (though many may disagree but that is for a different post) The emotions that I saw on all the actor's faces seemed (to me) to have a bit of reality behind them. 

I am sad to see the departure of the Ponds especially since I have grown so attached to them.  But as I look forward to Christmas, I am finding a little flutter of excitment, because there many more new possibilites with the arrival of a new companion in the Doctor's life. 

Enough of my ramblings I think it is time to see some MS in, what I believe, was a fantastic performance.

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We are just a couple of hours from the departure of the Ponds and BBCA decides that they are going to have the "best of the Ponds" marathon leading up to the sad event. I really need to study for my exam in Physical Anthopology * shakes fist at BBCA*  why do you have to be such a distraction.

I have my own theory about their departure but if it doesn't happen in the way, Well I will be writing a couple chapter story very soon with my own head cannon as the plotline. I have tissues ready and I won't be wearing any mascara today in preperation for tonight.   But right now I am debating about studying with the TV on or if I should just unplug the damn thing till 2100(9 PM) tonight. 

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I got this delicious trailer for "Angels Take Manhattan" I am really intrigued to see what is going to happen.  I know it will be sad (for me)to see the Ponds go (I really don't want them to go);  but that is just how DW is and I think the next companion is going to be impressive. Of course there are a bit of spoilers so watch at your own digression. 

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I know this is late in getting out but it is still Sunday my time.  There was so much Sexy Smithness in this one I had a real hard time choosing pictures to share.  I just loved this episode and I enjoyed it immensely I think I will be re-watching this one many times.  So here we go sit back and enjoy.

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Title: The Sensuality of Candy Floss
Author: Heintz57
Pairing: Rose/Ninth Doctor
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don’t own DW I wish I did but I don’t *Sigh* oh well
Summary: This is for [ profile] bloose09 thanks for the suggestion my friend. Rose could never have guessed that a sweet treat would change her and the Doctor’s relationship forever.

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Title: Time to Remember
Author: Heintz57
Pairings: River Song/Oswin
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don’t own DW but how I wish I did
Summary: This is for m[ profile] mahmfic thanks for the suggestion. River is on the star liner Alaska to prepare a young woman, for a devastating future.
Author’s note: General Quarters is the naval term used when the ship is in dire distress.

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Title: A Little Bit of Spice
Author: Heintz57
Pairings: Canton/River/Capt Jack Harkness
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don’t own DW and I never will.
Summary: This is for e[ profile] ericadawn16thanks for the suggestion. River Song has a special surprise for Canton.

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So after I am up late last night flailing over the promo pic and MS yumminess I wake up this morning and find this on the [ profile] doctoreleven Community page thanks to [ profile] ragdoll.  And all I have to say is OMGOMGOMG Squeallllll, *jumps for joy*  Please let the new season begin soon.  *takes a deep cleansing breath*  now I need to get ready for class.  *flails in excitment*  okay now I am ready to start my day.


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